Here is my extended version of smf-grey, the original of which is here.

This version adds the following features:

Version 1.3 does not automatically whitelist mails with no from/return address.
Download it here: smf-grey-2.0.0+tym1.3.tar.gz

Version 1.2 improves error reporting to assist in diagnosing cache file write issues. It also automatically disables dnsbls temporarily if they timeout.

Version 1.1 makes smf-grey more robust when faced with unusual addresses containing spaces. It also will continue loading the cache if the format is invalid.

Older versions: smf-grey-2.0.0+tym1.2.tar.gz, smf-grey-2.0.0+tym1.1.tar.gz, smf-grey-2.0.0+tym1.0.tar.gz

Tim Kleingeld <>
May 21, 2013